My background is in senior global management roles. A few years a go I gave up work because my daughter had so many hospital appointments and her care had to be the main priority. We have been backwards and forward to Great Ormond Street, they have been amazing, this is why we donate a part of the profit to GOSH.
I have been fortunate to work in ethical companies who have had Corporate Social  Responsibility very high on the corporate agenda. I have lived and travelled globally and witnessed the variety of ways that countries deal with waste. India was very interesting as everything has a value so recycling is a way of life. Closer to home, I was impressed by Germany's approach to plastic recycling.
As a child we didn't waste anything - it was up-cycled, recycled, or reproduced into something else - rotting bananas revitalised into banana cake was a personal favourite.
We make a lot of our products in our little workshop in the UK, only using 100% natural raw materials and the rest we ensure is ethically sourced and delivered.