Zero-waste products for picnics, BBQs and al-fresco dining this Summer

Summer is synonymous with enjoying picnics, BBQs and al-fresco dining in the lovely sunshine with friends and family - one of the perks of warmer and dryer weather. Sadly, Summer is also notorious for overflowing public bins, using disposable plastic in abundance and increasing the use of convenient options for wrapping, preserving and transporting food and drinks. This in turn means that it is easy to become increasingly wasteful - inflicting more damage to the environment.

Instead, this Summer why not invest in reusable covers to reduce your waste and help the planet at the same time? Try to avoid shopping for plastic cutlery, plates, cups and clingfilm and instead invest in products that can be reused, allowing you to go waste-free whilst saving your bank account too.

Don’t get me wrong; I know that disposable products are super convenient. Remember, however, that convenience comes at a high price for the environment. If reusing can become part of your weekly washing routine - simply use and place your products in the washing machine ready for next time, it’s not an extra job.

With this in mind, it is time we turned the tide on global plastic with sustainable alternatives that are perfect for any picnic, BBQ or outside dining that would leave you with much less waste this Summer? Here are a few examples of the products you can invest in to make it easy for you to do your bit for the environment:

  • Bowl covers: Bowl covers are perfect for covering leftovers or food you’ve prepped. Not only are they reusable and sustainable as they can be washed, but by using these you also avoid single use plastics like clingfilm. The Urban Green Company Cotton Bowl Covers (£12-£20) are 100% organic and finished with an elasticated hem for easy fitting. They are made to fit bowls with diameters up to 34cm, 22cm and 14cm and can be used in the fridge. They are reusable & washable at 40 degrees. Made with Organic Cotton GOT Certified.
  • Bees wax wraps: Bees wax wraps are again an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to clingfilm. They work by clinging tightly to the edge of a bowl or by sticking together to keep sandwiches, snacks, fruit or bread perfectly fresh. The Urban Green Company Bees wax & vegan wraps (£8-£14) are 100% natural, bio-degradable, reusable and help to keep your food fresher for longer.

There certainly are many benefits to reusing and reducing your waste. However, I do also completely understand it can be hard to fully commit and spend the money in one transaction so take it one step at a time. You may hesitate at first to spend up to £20 on reusable covers. However, before you know it, you’ll be using and reusing them every single day, all year round.

Never again will you be running out of cling-film, silver foil or plastic bags but instead you’ll be saving money in the long run whilst stopping the use of single-use plastic that’ll be damaging our environment and wildlife by being dumped into landfills. It truly is a win win.

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