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Zero Waste Week 2020: Pandemic Edition

Zero Waste Week is a seven-day international campaign running from the first week of September each year. Its purpose is to encourage others to critically analyse their waste disposable and reduce this, in the hope of embarking on a zero waste journey.

I know this might sound like a big challenge (and don’t get me wrong, it is) but don’t let that put you off. Yes, zero waste is the goal but less waste is always achievable.

 2020 has been a rollercoaster to say the least, with life as we once knew it being a thing of the past. Thanks to Covid-19, the world has seen a soar in the disposal of single use PPE and with the entire country being on lockdown for months I’m sure you found your bins filling up far quicker than in previous years.

So, how can you initiate a zero waste lifestyle in a pandemic?

Supermarkets have now increased the amount of plastic packaging for fruit and veg, making it near impossible to do a plastic free food shop. However, there are ways to go plastic free outside of the supermarket. Instead, why not true farmers markets or community gardens…or better yet, plan ahead for next year and grow your own.

By using our durable string bags or mesh cotton produce bag, you really can purchase fruit and veg without using any plastic whatsoever.


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 Instead of buying that mouth-watering Victoria sponge cake from M&S, why not try making it yourself? Not only is this a fun way to challenge yourself to reduce packaging waste but also your baking skills! I know not everyone is a natural-born baker so you could do the same with cooking, especially lunches. Rather than buying lunch from somewhere that would use a lot of packaging, you could make this at home the night before work – not only saving money but also plastic waste. Our bees wax sandwich wraps will keep your lunches fresh for longer and come in the cutest variety of patterns!

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  • You might have noticed coffee shops are no longer accepting reusable mugs and only using disposable cups. This is where becoming zero waste can do your wallet a favour…instead of purchasing coffee daily, invest in a thermos to transport your coffee everywhere you go - saving money and packaging.
  • Conservationists have warned about PPE sparking a surge in ocean pollution. No holiday-maker wants to see disposable masks, latex gloves and bottles of hand sanitiser floating beneath the waves in the Mediterranean but sadly that is the current reality. I can’t stress it enough, invest in reusable masks! Not only are they washable and comfortable but they come in a ton of different colours – one to match each outfit!

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  • If you do intend on purchasing new zero waste products such as metal straws, I recommend thinking about purchasing from small local businesses who have been struggling financially during this pandemic. By investing your money into local businesses, it means each penny stays in the local community to support those around you.

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 No matter how much we try, 2020 is a year we will not forget in a hurry. Despite it having thrown the entire world into a spin, this should not have stopped us from helping our planet. We should use this week to analyse our own waste disposal, reduce carbon footprints and encourage others around us to do the same. But don’t put pressure on yourself to get right into the perfect zero waste routine, any small changes are better than none…and most importantly, enjoy it! You’ll probably find that once you start being mindful of reducing waste, it’s impossible to switch off from it no matter where you are!