Bees Wax Wrap - 2 large circular bees wax wraps

Bees Wax Wrap - 2 large circular bees wax wraps

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Pack of 2. Perfect for salad bowls or large casserole dishes

38cm Diameter

Urban Green zero Waste beeswax food wraps are Handmade in the UK by Urban Green, We make a lot of our products in our little workshop only using 100% natural raw materials. Bees wax wraps are a natural alternative to cling film and plastic food bags.  Urban Green wrap are made from natural bees wax, Pine resin, organic Jojoba oil and 100% cotton

Bees wax wraps work by using the warmth of your hands. After use, wash your Beeswax Wrap with mild dish washing soap and cool water, and then let it hang to dry. You can store your wrap in a drawer or on the counter. Every few months to re-pasteurise and re-set your Beeswax Wrap, put it between baking paper and iron.

Bees wax wraps are 100% natural, reusable, compostable and keep your food fresher for longer.

Allergy alert - all Bees wax wraps contain Pine Resin

Bees Wax is naturally highly flammable, take care near naked flames